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How Does The Process Work?

When you come to our location, we'll then start the process unlike others. Infact we're family owned and operated, so you won't be treated just like another number. 

At that point we'll analyze your jewelry infront of your presence making sure the entire process is as transparent as possible.




How Do You Pay?

We pay based off of current market conditions ensuring you get the most for your valuables on the spot. All karat and carat's aren't the same, so we'll ensure that you'll be getting the most for what you decide to bring in.

Question Not Listed?

Call us at 914.636.1302

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Ok I'm Ready, Where Do I Begin?

The easiest way to start the process is by visiting our store or by calling in and making an appointment if neccessary. We're located at 760 Main St. New Rochelle, NY 10805.

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